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Guru Nanak Dev Academy
Achievement Future Planning

Dera Kar Sewa Baba Jiwan Singh Ji under the dynamic supervision of Baba Jagtar Singh Ji resolved to form a Trust for the upliftment of literacy in Sikhs and other communities of India. Under the said mission the Dera Kar Sewa opened a vast academy under the name and style of Guru Nanak Dev Academy at Pehowa (Haryana) and similar at Tarn Taran with its head office at Dera Kar Sewa Baba Jeevan Singh Ji, Goindwal Sahib Road, Tarn Taran Punjab India. The academy works under a Trust namely "BABA JIWAN SINGH BABA DALIP SINGH EDUCATIONAL TRUST REGISTERED UNDER INDIAN  TRUST ACT, 1982".




The Registered Office of the Trust shall be at DERA KAR SEWA, Goindwal Sahib Road, Tarn Taran, PUNJAB (INDIA). However, the office may be transferred to another place or the branch offices may be opened by the Trust as per its convenience for fulfilling the objects and aims of the Trust on orders signed by the Chairman.


The following shall be the trustees of this Trust:

i) Baba Jagtar Singh Ji Chela Baba Jiwan Singh, Author of the Trust, shall be the Managing Trustee and Chairman for life,

ii) Baba Mohinder Singh Ji.

iii) Baba Kirpal Singh Ji.

iv) Baba Jhirmal Singh Ji.

v) Baba Surjeet Singh Ji.

    vi) Baba Jasbir Singh Ji.

    vii) Baba Gurmeet Singh Ji.


a) To open, establish, manage and run schools, colleges, Libraries, reading rooms, Hostels, Boarding Houses and Laboratories etc., and other such Institutions of like nature at any place or places in the Indian Union for the use of the students and the staff and for also generally for the development of knowledge and for raising the moral and cultural standards amongst the public in general.

b) grant aid or secure and receive aid, to promote, establish, support and/or maintain institutions for the promotion of Science, Literature, music, Drama, Fine Arts, Commerce, Medicine, Surgery, Dental Dispensaries, Nursing Homes, Hospitals, Mathematics and Statistics, Computer, Law, Pharmacy and Engineering and for the preservation of old historical monuments and for the research and other institutions having similar objects for the research and benefit of the public in general,

c) To establish, maintain and/or run studentships, scholarships and to render other kinds of aid to individuals including supply of medicines, books, stipends, medals and other incentives to Study, without any distinction of caste, colour or creed.

d) To grant relief to victims affected by natural calamities, such as famine, earthquakes, floods, fire, pestilence and other occasions of calamities of similar nature and to give donations, subscribe or contributions to institutions, establishments, persons and victims in general during such relief works.

e) To render assistance and/or grant aid to other public charitable trusts or institutions having similar aims and objects.

f) To establish, maintain and/or get grants, aid in cash and,/or kind to hospitals, medical schools, medical colleges, nursing institutions, sanitaria, charitable and/or traveling dispensaries, aftercare clinics, maternity homes, child welfare's center, orphanages, widow’s homes, and/or such other similar charitable institutions in India for the benefit and use of the public in general.

g) To establish and/or get grants, aid for the establishment and maintenance of gymnasia and sports institutions, choultry/dharamshallas, to arrange for and supply drinking water and for the construction of and/or repairs to wells for the use of general public.

h) To provide help to the needy, the destitute, the physically handicapped people and the poor without any distinction of caste, colour or creed.

i) To undertake management or activities of other institutions or organisations having similar aims and objects and to accept funds, donations or properties of those institutions or on their behalf in the name of the Trust.

j) To provide fuel and other materials to the family(ies) of the deceased personas) for the disposal of the dead bodies and also to construct, repair and manage the Merghats, Cemeteries, burial grounds etc., without discrimination on the basis of caste, creed or religion.

k) To undertake all such activities and do all such acts, deeds and things, which the Trust may think fit or public, charitable, philanthropic and educational nature.

l) To carry on any activity in furtherance of the above objects, But no activity will be carried on with the object of earning profit.

Guru Nanak Dev Academy, Pehova
Guru Nanak Dev Academy, Tarn Taran

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