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Future Planning

Guru Nanak Dev Academy is stepping forward to opt modern techniques and looking forward to provide value-based education.

Some of the future planning that have already started are:- 
  • Extension of teacher quarters for the comfort of the staff and to increase the No. of staff members.
  • Extending School building for higher secondary with many new modern facilities for Hi-Tech based education.
  • Hostel facility coming soon.
  • Separate hostel for boys and girls shortly. 
  • Shed for cycles and buses being constructed.

Sports Complex

  • Hockey ground with Astroturf.
  • Track for 100m, 400m and hurdles. (Olympic Size). 
  • Volleyball, basketball and football ground. 
  • Boxing and kho-kho Arenas and wrestling mats.
  • Badminton court and Gymnasium hall with Olympic size standards. 
  • Academy has planned to build a swimming pool, which will be started soon.

Religious Knowledge
  • Student will be given all kinds of religious knowledge with scientific education. 
  • A temple of wisdom for full knowledge of all religious will be built soon.
  • There will be Botanical garden with different types of herbal plants and trees such as Amla, Neem, Jamun, Amaltash etc will be planted near all the boundaries of the school to cover 20% area for greenery, giving environmental benefits.

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